Thursday, September 14, 2006

Managing Project Team

What is a project management team?

The project management team is a team with their characteristics such as: one group of peoples who come and work together to do the project, each team member has difference about responsibility, mission, works, etc. but they have same vision, goals to finish their project. They integrate with others team member to make sure that the project is run and finish on time. Each team have team leader who survey all activities of the team and have enough ability to solve any problems or conflicts can happen with his team to make his member cooperate and synergy to complete the team’s goal.

For example: Football team, they have the captain of team and every player have difference responsibilities, assignments and play at difference positions. The strong football team is the team has the optimal of synergy or combination between the team members, not any individually at all.

We can imagine that work team like the perfect body of human; it has legs, hands, heat, eyes, mouth, etc. We can’t lack one of them.

How to build the project management team?

Firstly, we need to recruit project members. We will not recruit peoples with same talents, because peoples have same talents, they will compete with each others and will make the team more conflict.

Secondly, we use communication roles to build the trust between our team members. If have not communication, we can’t build the trust.

Thirdly, we have so many conflicts, it is naturally, because the peoples come to works together at the first time they will not understand and respect the ideas or talents of each others. That step very difficult, each team member need to convince other member about his or her talent (performance) and adopt the team culture. If they can’t adopt, they can leave.

Fourthly, after the conflicts is solved, we have the strong team, each member has his or her mission with highest productivities, they are one part of the team and we can’t separate them, if lack one of them the team can’t work. If our team likes that, we have high performance team already.

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Story About Leadership

Last week, we have discussed about the leadership, distinguish between management and leadership. I would like to tell to you a story about my job four years ago.

At that time, I had just graduated and working for one big construction company in HCM city of Vietnam. First three month, I had done some works in the technical office, after that, they had appointed me to manage one small project. That project was one of their small project, but it very big with me because I hadn’t experience and the first time in my life. That project had around 20 workers, 2 trucks, 3 road rollers and 1 bulldozer.

The first day at the construction site, I had come earlier than anyone, to check the number of equipments, repaired the list of workers, etc. The machines and equipments had been sent by the day before.

At 7am, the workers and machines drivers had come. I had about 15 minutes for small meeting to assign them to do their jobs.

Every thing had run, but I always went around and speeded up the workers. Some workers hadn’t done their jobs well and I have thought that they hadn’t respected me because I had very young at that time.

The first week was very hard for me. Some time, my boss sent some technical to my construction site to control my jobs and I had felt very tired even though I could do every thing at their.

My boss had satisfied with my job, but I hadn’t satisfied with the productivity in the construction site, the workers hadn’t responsibility with their jobs and the machines runner also.

One time, I had reminded that I had road one book name “Act in Leadership” and then I had tried to apply some thing into the current situation, such as:

- Building the good relationship with the workers. (Come to work together with them, share my knowledge and learn the experience from them, asking about their life, etc.)

- Giving and sharing the responsibility to them. (I had separated the workers into 3 groups and selected the leader for each group, the group leader have responsibility and power to assign to his group members.)

- Encouraging the worker.

I had needed the whole of the second week to do it, and the results from them hadn’t badly. I hadn’t work hard like the first time but the effectiveness very high.
I have felt very happy at that time.