Monday, August 14, 2006

Scheduling Resources

Scheduling Resources:

Scheduling = Project Network + Resources

To achieve our organization’s goals, we have so many ways, implements, strategies which show on our projects. But we don’t select all of them; we should choose the projects that suitable with our ability (times, costs, resources).
We need to know our resources available and requirement of new project. Based on the company’s strategies, we can develop or decrease our resources.

Organization’s Objectives = Strategies + Projects

Last time we designed the project network and now we add the resources for each activity, we call all of them is schedule. The resources of those activities can be money, peoples, materials, machines.

This step very important, because of it impact directly to financial of project and based on them the organization consider and make decision to develop, reduce or maintain their resources.

When the new project comes, the manager and his or her colleagues need to consider three main things:

· Profits of the project.
· Project’s requirements.
· Their company’s resources available when that project is applied in the future.

The peoples who are assigned to design the schedule must have experience and strongly knowledge in that file.

The peoples who make decision to invest the new project must have experience, knowledge and forecasting skill as well. Form understanding all of company operations, strategies, to their missions. The good project’s manager always has sub-strategies to replace when the problems occur.

How to apply that knowledge in real life!

Depend on the situation and industry; I can apply those strategies to achieve my goals with shortest times, lowest costs, optimal of my resources available. To become a good manager, it is not easy, but it is not impossible, we need to have a large knowledge and combine them to make right decision at right time.


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