Friday, August 11, 2006

Project Network

We have two methods to describe the project network: AON (activity on node) and AOA (activity on arrow).

AOA method: we use the arrows to describe the project’s activities, each activity have start point and finish point. The end point can be finish point of that activity, also is start point or end point of one or others activities. From the AOA network we also know the duration of each activity.

AON method describes the activities very clearly on the nodes. Form the AON network we know the names and durations of all activities of the project. AON network have two ways to show times:

Forward Pass-Early times start from the first project’s activity (left hand side) though the network to the last project’s activity (right hand side); the forward pass shows to us the early start time and early finish of each activity.

Backward Pass-Latest times start with the last project activity on the network though the network to the first project’s activity. The backward pass shows to us the last start and last finish of each activity of the project.

I will apply those strategies to design and manage my company’s project in the future.

Based on the critical path we can analyze the relationship between activities, such as Finish to Start relationship, Finish to Finish, Start to Finish and Combination Relationship.

In construction company, times very important and have impact directly to the cost and resource of the construction.


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