Thursday, August 03, 2006

Midterm summary

Firstly, we distinguished between projects and routine works; what different between program and project. Why the organization need to do the projects and how to manage them.

Secondly, we analyzed the strategy and mission of organization. We need to integrate between projects and strategy to achieve the mission of organization. Every project should contribute to the organization’s strategy. Every project must have profits to project investor or benefit for public.

Thirdly, we identified the structure and culture of organization and project; analyze the relationships between structure and culture.

Fourthly, we defined the project, analyze the scope of the project, and design the WBS of the project.

Fifthly, based on the scope and WBS we estimate time, cost, and resource for our project. We analyzed the relationship between cost, time and resource. How to reduce time, How to use optimal resources, How to reduce cost

Last two weeks, we went to the new step: that is design the project networks.
What is the project network?
The project network is an implement to control all activities of the project. The project network is developed from the project’s WBS. From the WBS we estimate times, costs and resources for each activity and the whole project. The project network integrates and describes more details of all activities of the project such as: From the project network the manager know the start and finish time of each activity, which one can be priority to complete early, which one must finish before starting the next. From the project network the manager also know the earliest and latest finish time of that project.

Why do we need the project network?
We need the project network because we want to use optimal our time, cost and resource for that project. Each project (small or big) has the limit. Each project has its life cycle.
The project network very important, it help the project manager can control the project time, reduce the cost (direct and indirect cost), use optimal their resources (based on the demand of each activity and its duration the manager can transfer and use their machines, workers, equipments, etc. with highest productivity).
We have two methods to describe the project network: AON (activity on node) and AOA (activity on arrow).
AOA method: we use the arrows to describe the project’s activities, each activity have start point and finish point. The end point can be finish point of that activity, also is start point or end point of one or others activities.

The application: in my company (Construction Company) we always use the project network to control our projects, we call the project network is “bang tien do thi cong” which help our engineer set-up the jobs in the construction site and know exactly demand about resources (worker, machine, equipment, etc.) time, cost, every thing about the current projects. Based on that information, we have decision to transfer worker, machines between the construction sites or buy new equipments, or hire more workers, etc.


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