Thursday, July 06, 2006

Structure and Cultural of Organization

Last week, in my Project Management class, we discussed about structure and culture of organization. How we manage and design the structure of our organization and our projects. How we combine between the organization’s functions and projects.

Each project integrates with the organization’s department and contributions to their strategies. HR, Finance and others department, they share, delivery, transfer and combine their resources to the projects. They like a matrix and also like a chain with each chain are projects that are linked by the organization’s functions.

Those are the structure of the organization; we can compare the structure such as framework, body of the organization but culture is the soul, the spirit of them.
The people come to the projects and work with limited time, they have not enough time to understand their colleagues, their subordinates, and therefore the conflict was happened when they work together.

The culture’s problems are not only happen with the peoples come form different countries, religions, language, etc. but some time it occur within the peoples same country. The peoples who have high level in company, they bring their styles, behaviors, and experience to apply on their organization and make influence to the working culture at there.

The good project manager should understand their subordinates, their HR to separate and assign them to the right job with different projects. The effetely of the project only come with highest participation from normal workers to the technicians, if they have any conflict or some wrong behaviors, the outcome will come direct to the company’s benefit.
In class, my lecturer-Dr.Prapon had one example about the conflict between technicians in the construction company in Thailand, because they had different culture (western and Thai culture). The way to solve the problem very interest, they made the chance to their technicians to understand each other.

I will apply those strategies in my real life to improve my company’s situation, competitive and stronger in the future, because I know how to manage, combine the company’s resource, how to make employees cooperate with each other and work with high productivity.“The sheep farmer only success when he understands his sheep”


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