Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Project Scope

To maintain and develop our businesses, we are looking for the greenhouse business plan in Vietnam. Vietnam nowadays is becoming the potential market for the greenhouse business and agriculture equipment.
Greenhouse is an agriculture system. Providing an optimal indoor growing environment when the outside environment can be warmer and drier, or colder than what the crop plants require. The effectiveness of greenhouses to allow for environmental control is dependent on the component parts. The Hi-Technologies are applied in the greenhouse such as: Cool systems, Heat systems, Irrigation -Drainage systems, Fertilizer delivery system (put down fertilizer), Light control systems, Temperature analysis systems, Fertilizer analysis systems, Moisture analysis systems, Computer systems (automatically controlling systems), etc.
The greenhouses will be designed based on the characteristics of customer’s business operations, their farm’s size, and their investment. Our target customers are: Vegetable grower, Flower grower, young plant propagation, researchers, Education organizations, Universities, etc.
The benefits of our greenhouse: Reducing farm operation’s cost, friendly with environment, increasing productivity and quantity of agriculture’s product, reducing the risk in production, save money- harvest crops earlier in different seasons when prices are higher in stores, etc.
In my Greenhouse Business Plan, I am going to analysis about:
- Marketing plans, including: SWOT analysis, product- market analysis, competitor analysis, marketing strategy, pricing strategy.
- Management team.
- Operation plan.
- Finance plan.


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