Friday, July 14, 2006

Defining the Project

Defining the Project:
The projects are plans, which assemble activities of the organization to achieve the short term or long term missions of that organization. The good manager always looks for new projects to improve his or her company. Nowadays, the increase of competitors, high demand from consumers that make the entrepreneurs to develop continually for their existence.

The projects can help the organization improve their competitiveness by reducing the production cost, solving the problems occurs of the organization’s operation, structure and culture.

The projects usually are results and implements of creating and innovation. Those are new ideas in real life and its can apply to improve and change the situation of the company very quickly.

The projects do not always success; depend on their objectives, designers, managers, and the time to apply. Some of them have very good meaning but the manager haven’t enough knowledge and couldn’t finish on time or the company haven’t enough capacitive, performance to do it, finally the company was lost profit by that projects and also become bankrupt.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):
The work breakdown structure is the implement that help to describe the project. The WBS helps us understand clearly each components of the project and also help the manager calculate the recourse requirement and the assignments to compare with their performance.
The project manager they can manage many projects at the same time. The WBS very important to them, because they only read the WBS and then they can know and make decision base on the HR resource, machines, Finance, capacity, etc. If it convenient for the current situation, they will develop that project.


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