Saturday, July 01, 2006

Case Study "A Day in the Life Case study"

According to the case study, Rachel, the project manager of a large information systems project, she spent effective of time in her day, because she divided her work day into three times: first routine works, project times and second routine works.

*First routine works (from 7:40am to 10:00am): She spent for:
- Socializing and catching up on personal news: 10 minutes.
- Getting to her office and settling in (checking voice mail and turning on her computer): 10 minutes.
- Reviewing her schedule and “to do” lists for the day before responding to messages that require immediate attention: 15 minutes
- Going over project report and preparing for the weekly status meeting: 25 minutes
- Discussing the project with her boss: 20 minutes
- Project status meeting: 1 an hour
*Project’s working times: (from 10:00am to 05:05pm) used for:
- Reviewing project assignments with another project manger: 30 minutes
- Checking project status meeting and listening patiently for over 20 minutes
- Having lunch with Eddie who works in finance office and gossiping about internal politics: half an hour
- Returning to her office and going over problem: 30 minutes
- Exploring ways of getting necessary equipments to the project site earlier than planned: 30 minutes
- According to her schedule, she have participate in a conference call at 2:30pm, they spent 1 hour to exchange information about the technical requirements associated with a new version of a software package they are using on systems projects like hers.
- Discussing with Mary, a senior marketing manager and agreeing to talk to her people about what was promised and what was not promised: 50 minutes
- Reviewing the impact the client’s requests could have on the project schedule: 30 minutes.
*Second routine works (from 5:05am to 06:55am): She spent her times for:
- Updating to her boss on key events of the day: 20 minutes
- Reviewing e-mails and project documents: 30 minutes
- Logging on to the MS project schedule of her project and working with “what if” scenarios: 30 minutes
- Reviewing tomorrow’s schedule and writes some personal reminders before starting off on her 30-minutes commute home.

This case show to me about spending time of a project manager. It is not only show how to use effective time in working day, but also show how to separate the limit time for routine works and flexible time for project.
It helped me distinguish between routine works and projects.


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it was really helpful, thanks mate !


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