Thursday, July 20, 2006

Benefits of Greenhouse

Benefits of Greenhouse:

*Reducing the farm operation’s cost: by
-Using effective fertilizer.
-Reducing labor cost.
-Cutting insecticide cost.
-Cutting weed-killer cost.
-Cutting anti-fungal and anti- transmitted disease cost.
*Friendly with environment: because of
-Reducing fertilizer abundant.
-Without using insecticide.
-Without using weed-killer.
-Using drainage system.
*Increasing productivity and quantity of agriculture’s product:
-Without destroying crops of insect and animals.
-Without remaining of insecticide in vegetables and fruits (security product).
- Providing an optimal indoor growing environment for plants.
*Reducing the risk in production: by controlling environment, insect, animal and epidemic.
* Hoar-frost protection too.
* Wind protection- This is really beneficial for young seedlings.
* Save money- harvest crops earlier in different seasons when prices are higher in stores.
* Controlled environment- including pollination control.
* The simple fun of it-to an enthusiastic gardener, greenhouses are also a garden toy. It's something to putter and play with.
* Keeps out animals- no more buffalos and goats munching on your favorite flower or vegetable.
* Keeps out insects- keeping the greenhouse closed will keep out harmful insects like squash vine borers. But note: it can also harbor insects that may sneak in while the greenhouse is left open.


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